The man behind the handlebar and the number: 311


Adam has had a lot of successes to date. However, there is one thing, that he has never been able to accomplish: Finding a cap that fits him just the way he likes. Adam was searching for a high- quality cap with a perfect fit. Perfectionist that he is, he decided to design his own cap! You can tell by his vanity smile, that he loves “his” cap. Hopefully, you will too.

In the late 80’s Adam Renheim was born in, what he refers to as “the Metropolis of Sweden, Lima”. Ever since he was born, anything with an engine has been of great interest to Adam. Growing up in a small town with no cinema, shops or restaurants, provided for much time to tinker with ATVs and his motor-cross.


Over the years, Adam’s interest in snowmobiling continued to increase, and so did the begging for a sled. When Adam was 12 years old, his grandpa bought him his very first sled. Soon thereafter, he was competing in his first snocross race. Since then, there has not been any doubt as to what type of motor engine is his favorite. That said, he still acts like a kid at Christmas Eve, every time it snows... He loves to plow snow with his Terex.


It has been a long journey with ups & downs for Adam in his snowcross career. Without exaggeration, Adam’s hard work and dedication has paid off. Today, he is one of the best snocross riders in the world, with 6 FIM World Championship gold medals to prove it. In the US, where Adam also competes, he is regularly on the podium in the highest snowcross league, ISOC.


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Adam and his 311 Ski Doo sled

Lima, Sweden


Adam at his home track